The last few days of strange!

So these last few days have been strange to say the least. I have been working at the office and my house because I just got back from an investigation. Before the investigation I completed a Ancient Uprising which you can find the link to on The lady that did the service said she will write on her blog about it and send me the link when she does. I hope she does so soon as it went beyond well!

On to my own personal strange though. I have had a ton of people trying to buy the Bishops RIng which is all great since it is so expensive and rare. I get calls and emails and then the strange. A man came to my door and asked me for it,now he came to my office door which no one knows where that is located. I told him he could not come in and he tried to push the door open on me. I slammed it shut and looked out the window knowing I was going to call the police. As I watched he went poof,not really poof but he disintegrated right in front of my from the feet up! What was left behind was a small amount of this dust. That night I went to bed and he entered my dreams and told me to use the ring now! Considering how he acted while at my door I haven't done that yet but I did collect the dust. This weekend I'm having it tested as the more I think about it I think he is from somewhere up above. I don't know why I think that but I should say from below. The next day a woman came to the door asking about the ring and offering an extremely obscene amount of money,of course at this point I knew something was up. She too went poof! She however was not a mean person,I believe that she was from above. I know that the woman was because she too came back to me in a dream and told me the most unsual things you could do with the ring. This weekend I will test the dust and do what she told me to do with the ring. I will keep you all updated on this and on the mystery Mercury dimes you all bought.


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