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Day in the life 7-17-2015

So sit here writing my day in the life and it's normal for me, to be disgusted with the human race. Really it's normal, honestly it is. I'm often called a ray of sunshine, bundle of joy, etc.So someone asked me when do you first remember your disgust for people. I remember all the way back to Kindergarten and my big blow out in first grade while I was in school in Florida, when I went of course.... I didn't always go because I had to pick oranges with the Mexicans which were nice people even this family who's son I beat up because he made fun of my brother. They knew who the new cartel in town was when...

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The last few days of strange!

So these last few days have been strange to say the least. I have been working at the office and my house because I just got back from an investigation. Before the investigation I completed a Ancient Uprising which you can find the link to on The lady that did the service said she will write on her blog about it and send me the link when she does. I hope she does so soon as it went beyond well! On to my own personal strange though. I have had a ton of people trying to buy the Bishops RIng which is all great since it is so expensive and rare. I get calls and emails and then the...

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